Go Willow Go rainbow and clouds with little figure reaching up

Hello :)

Willow was born with HIE (Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy), which means she was oxygen-deprived but the deprivation was not total. She had a flicker of a heartbeat and thankfully the team carried on resuscitation. She spent the first few weeks of her little life in both St Peter's and Frimley Park hospital fighting hard for her little life with the help of the wonderful medical staff in both hospitals. We were thankful for 5 minutes meeting Willow when she was born and here we are nearly 5 years knowing and loving this incredible little girl!

Willow smiling on the rug with her big brother's Lego

Willow has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, she has high tone in all of her limbs and low tone in her head and trunk. Although she can't walk, talk or eat and relies on those around her for everything, she can smile and laugh when she's happy, she can shout when she's annoyed and she can cry when she's not happy.

From the day she was born we have tried to make sure Willow has every opportunity and every therapy she has needed to achieve everything that is possible for her. With a neurotypical child we celebrate milestones, with Willow we celebrate inchstones.

Upcoming Events

Come and see us at the Yateley May Fayre on Monday 1st May on the Yateley village green. We have never done an event like this and we're pretty excited about it. Arthur has come up with a great game using Lego, with Lego prizes to be won! We will also have Hook-a-Duck and some of Fee's yummy fudge for sale in various flavours.

Willow enjoying her wheelchair swing with her brother
Willow on the rug laughing
Willow enjoying her wheelchair swing with her brother
Willow enjoying her wheelchair swing with her brother